Security Solutions

s/n Product High-Level Description Remark
1 Alienvault A Single Platform for Better Threat Detection, Faster Response, and Easier Compliance, Security Incidence and Event Management Solution (SIEM)  
2 Arbor Networks Anti-DDOS  
3 Carbon Black (Next Gen AntiVirus) End User Protection and Response. Stop malware, ransomware, and non-malware attacks; Prevent attacks automatically, online and offline; Block emerging, never-before-seen attacks that other solutions may miss  
4 Checkpoint Next Generation Firewall,  
5 CyberArk This complete enterprise-ready Privileged Account Security Solution is tamper-proof, scalable and built for complex distributed environments to provide the utmost protection from advanced external and insider threats.  
6 Gemalto Safenet Encryption, Multi Factor Authentication and Identity and Access Management  
7 Imperva Data Base Activities Monitoring  
8 Infoblox Act with insight using real-time intelligence from DNS, DHCP, and IP Address Management (IPAM), collectively known as DDI. Protect your infrastructure from the broadest range of DNS-based threat  
9 IronScale Anti-phishing Suite (Awareness, Automated Forensics, Remediation, Intelligence sharing and anomaly detection)  
10 McAfee Endpoint and Enterprise Security  
11 Palo Alto Networks Next Generation Firewall  
12 Portnox Network Access control solution  
13 Pulse Secure NAC & SSL VPN & Software Load Balancer  
14 TrapX New generation of deception technology that provides real-time breach detection and prevention. Our field proven solution deceives would-be attackers with turn-key decoys (traps) that “imitate” your true assets.  
15 Trend Micro End Point Security